Single Integrated Development Plan

The document has been produced to match the existing Self Evaluation Form produced by The Office For Standards In Education (Ofsted).

Priorities for 2018-19

To provide a broad and balanced curriculum to further develop challenge and expectation for all pupils

Effectiveness of Leadership & Management including Governance.

Quality of Teaching & Learning, Standards and effectiveness to ensure pupils make at least expected progress across the curriculum in all year groups.

The school’s main priorities for improvement are:

1  Ensure that the governing body is able to hold leadership fully to account for the pupil outcomes and the quality of provision.

2. Secure preparations for the proposed expansion of the school, ensuring that provision for existing pupils is not negatively impacted.

3. Ensure sound financial management and best value with a diminishing budget.

4. Ensure attainment remains well above average in all core subjects at all levels.

6. Ensure progress of key groups is above average in reading, writing and maths across the whole of Key Stage 2.

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