This week at Barrow School



 WC 14.09.18
Years 2,3 and 4 have been enjoying their taster sessions for tennis. We had our first Family Assembly with parents this week and Mrs Welch revealed who were this term’s Head Boy and Head Girl: Harry and Martha! Also, we found out who our new School Council representatives are: Tyler, Juliet, Jackson, Sophie, Ruby, Bobby, Frank, Erin, Naomi, Xander, Phoebe, Charlie, Katie and Jacob. Congratulations to those children! A few of the year 5s and 6s went to the CRGS opening evening and had a lot of fun! The receptions have been settling in nicely and are having an absolutely brilliant time! 
By Harry & Jacob.


These past two weeks there has been a lot of exiting activities. Most of year 6 and year 5 have had a spectacular time at Robin Wood. They enjoyed watching the teachers getting stuck in with all of the activities. Also, KS2 have been very excited about the summer production ‘The Rocky Monster Show’. We saw everyone’s costumes today; they looked great. As well, class 2 assembly was very interesting and the plants they have grown are fantastic! We have also had some visits from the new Receptions. We think that they have done really well settling in.
By Cara & Sophie T 


 WC 14.05.18 
This week has been extremely hard-working with SATS. We have been working our very best. Everybody has come into school with a smile and have been looking forward to the upcoming fun events, including class 5’s and 4’s art, lots of sunny weather, a royal wedding lunch this Friday and the exciting ‘Your mile, Your way ‘ challenge. We are extremely excited and can’t wait for this activity to arrive. Also, key stage 2 are very excited to find out about the summer production.
By Cara & Blake 


 WC 08.05.18
This week in class 5 there has been lots of fun activities going on around school. One of them was the year 6 ‘Bikeability’ course, where we learned all about road safety. The instructors were really impressed with all of the year 6 children! The year 5s have been doing creative artwork. 
In class 4, they have been making clay elephant models and decorating with sequins. They look beautiful – well done!
Class 2 also performed a brilliant assembly today about the seaside.
Good look to all pupils in Barrow primary school next week in your SATs especially the year 2s and year 6s. 
By Lexi, Daisy & Rachel


WC 29.04.18

This week we enjoyed watching Class 3’s assembly on programming. They sounded like they had learned a lot! We also enjoyed a wacky science investigation in Class 5 - analysing what causes mould to grow was both fun and interesting! Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, everyone!

Tom & Sophie


wc 23.04.18

This week at Barrow School we have had our class photos and had our first swimming lesson, which we really enjoyed. On Wednesday, four Y3s went to Ribblesdale tennis court and managed to get in the quarter finals! Well done to the team! This morning, Mrs Berryman came to her first family assembly. It was class 4’s assembly where they showed the video they had made of a play script. Everyone thought it was fantastic and really funny!
By Jayden & Oliver 


  wc 16.04.18
This week we have been working really hard and some classes have been doing some practice SATs. We are all looking forward to hearing how the class 5 and 4 footballers get on at Ribblesdale tonight, also we are excited for swimming lessons next week. This week we have had lovely weather which meant we could play out more and go on the field without wellies. Good look to the footballers!
By Lexi & Daisy  


Wc 09.04.18
We would like to welcome everybody back to school, including Mrs Berryman, our new associate head teacher. Everyone has been settling into the school routine, learning lots of new things.
Through the week, we have had a fun assembly with one of the staff from drama club and also a taster session for a new golf club for KS2! 


Wc 19.03.18

This has been a really fun week! All the classes have been on the Life Education bus, which was very interesting. We had an Easter egg hunt this morning – yum! We also said goodbye to Miss Haworth. We will miss her and wish her luck in her new job. Have a great Easter holiday, everyone!

Class 5 children.


Wc 12.03.18

This week the netball team played on Monday and won 4-6 to St Michaels and St Johns. Well done to the team! Today it has been class 1 family assembly and it was all about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. All of the children spoke and sang really nicely! Also, today it was Sports Relief day and all of the classes are having so much fun playing sports in the hall, while raising lots of money at the same time.
By Daisy & Thea 


 Wc 05.03.18

This week we have had lots of fun with Creativity Week! The theme was “Artists”. Class 5 did their brilliant assembly on the American artist Georgia O’Keeffe. They showed their beautiful art work of flowers. Also on Thursday we had lots of fun in the snow.  So it was a very fun week, and each class has been very creative and made lots of fantastic artwork!

By Alfie and Cara


 Wc 02.03.18 

We are looking forward to Creativity Week in which we believe that we will be doing Art.
We enjoyed the snow and were cold this week, we had a lot of fun!
World Book Day was a blast and we all had a tremendous time! We were able to dress up in outrageous outfits that made us all laugh and we read to the KS1 children and vice-versa!
By Riley and Tom


 W.C  05.02.18

This week, class 4 and 5 have been doing D.T. and on Friday morning class 3 performed a fantastic family assembly on staying safe around electrical appliances. Class 5’s project in D.T has been about controlling vehicles - we have had lots of fun creating our cars and can’t wait to test them out! Class 4 are making packaging boxes, which are progressing extremely well and we are looking forward to seeing the finished products. All the children in our school are looking forward to half term, Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day. Happy Half Term EVERYBODY!


WC 29.01.18

This week has been full of excitement starting with Barrow school netball team competing at Oak Hill College on Monday. They all played brilliantly and have another match coming up next Monday – well done to the team! On Friday, class 4’s assembly based on Henri Rousseau was spectacular. Everyone thought their artwork looked amazing! Class 5 are incredibly excited for D.T next week, because we are making controllable vehicles! There is also the F.O.B.S Movie Night to look forward to tonight. Don’t forget your tickets!

By Sophie P & Oliver S


 WC 22.01.18
This week class 5 did a brilliant assembly about the Titanic and two year 6s read their fantastic recounts of what it would have been like to be a passenger on the ship. Also, class 4 have had an exciting week because they had to investigate who stole the laptop from the library. After looking at finger prints and other evidence, they discovered that the culprit was Mrs Walsh! Of course, this crime was only pretend, but class 4 certainly had a lot of fun and learned a lot!
By Cara and Ollie 

 wc 15.01.18
We have settled back into the school routine now and everyone has been enjoying lots of fun lessons. Class 5 have been doing exciting experiments in science with complicated circuits and they are also planning to make their own electronic games! In class 4 the children have been organising a forensic science investigation! Everyone is looking forward to Family Assembly starting again next week. Make sure you are there to watch class 5’s assembly!
By Lexi & Charlie. 

wc 8.1.18

Happy New Year!
Welcome back everyone at Barrow School and we hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas!
This week we have had a week of excitement and getting used to being back in school. Earlier this week, KS2 had some cheerleading trials and we have had a fun drama club assembly where KS1 have had an opportunity to join the drama club.
By Sophie & Emily 

WC 18.12.17
This week has been very fun because we have been looking forward to Christmas! On Tuesday we watched Arty Facts Company perform a Christmas version of Oliver Twist. On Wednesday we had our Christmas lunch. Today we went down to the hall and said good bye and thank you to Mrs Mabbott because she is leaving to go back to her school. In class we are playing our games and having a party! 
Merry Christmas, everyone
By Y6 pupils  

 WC 11.12.17
This week KS1 have been very busy practising their nativity and performing it to KS2 and parents. Well done class 1 and 2, you were amazing! KS2 have performed their amazing carol concert to the whole school. Also some children performed Christmas music on their keyboards – they did really well! This afternoon KS2 will perform the carol service to parents and we are very excited about this. Overall the children are very excited for Christmas and the New Year ahead! 
By Daisy & Oliver

WC 4.12.17

This week, the football team came 3rd in their big tournament in Roefield sports centre and did a great job! Well done! Also this Friday morning assembly, some of our very talented students who play guitars and ukuleles performed some brilliant pieces! Lastly we are all very excited about the school post box, which will be posting Christmas cards round school, make sure you put your class name on!
By Manon & Rachel

 WC 27.11 17
It has been a busy and lovely week this week as we have had carol concert practice and KS1 have had Nativity practice. Both performances are going to be fantastic! On Thursday Cara, Riley, Jasper and Lexi competed in a basketball competition at Oakhill College and came 2nd out of 8 teams. Well done! Today the Christmas tree was delivered and this afternoon Cara and Tom have decorated it – it looks beautiful!
By Thea & Bryce. 

W.C 13.11.17
This week was Anti-Bullying Week and we discussed how everybody is equal and unique and had a great time wearing odd socks, looking at mirrors in boxes in assembly with Mrs Mabbott (showing us something special – us!) and so much more! Friday was Children in Need and we thought about how some children are not as fortunate as us. We dressed in spots and took part in fun activities. Class 5 designed and made our own Pudsey-themed clothing! We also sent off our shoe box gifts to children in other countries. Thank you to all the children and parents who have helped make super outfits and donated money.
By Tom & Blake. 

  WC 6.11.17
This week we have been learning about Remembrance Day and also selling poppies in all the classes. We led an assembly to remind people why we wear poppies – to remember those who have died in battle. We also had a minute’s silence in school today, to think about the soldiers and the sacrifices they made for us all.
As well as doing a Remembrance presentation it was also class 5’s assembly, which was about our D.T. We have all made fantastic moving toys with a cam mechanism.
The reception class have been learning how to ride a bike with instructors from Bikeability. They all had fun learning how to be safe on their bikes and improved their skills a lot!
By Riley & Bryce

 Wc 23.10.17

This week there has been a hockey tournament and we did very well: winning one, losing two and a draw. We were very proud when we heard how well we did. There have also been remembrance poppies going around school and children have made lots of kind donations towards this cause – to remember the people who died in war. In class 5 we have been having a great week doing D.T. We have created our own moving toys!

By Jayden & Cara

 WC 16.10.17
This week we have been doing hockey in P.E and Miss Holden has chosen a team to represent our school. Also the football team played at ST Augustine’s - they lost two, won one and drew one. They tried their best and we are very proud of them! This morning we watched the amazing performance of class 1’s first ever assembly and they sang a song about counting forward and backwards from ten. It was a spectacular performance from the receptions seeing as it’s their first ever assembly and we are looking forward to their next one!           
By Sophie & Elle

 Harvest Festival – Food Bank Visit 18th Ocober 2017
Today Thea and Roman (year 6 school council representatives) went to the food bank at Clitheroe Trinity Church. There was lots of generous donations to take and they were very pleased receive it all. We firstly went into where they store all there food and we were amazed with how efficient they were. They said that they would never give anyone out of date food because it would not be fair. All the food had labels to show when they went out of date. They even had pet food, blankets, washing up liquid and toiletries. They also had an unusuals box which had food and drinks that weren’t usually brought into the food bank. We would like to thank the staff for being so polite and making us feel so welcome and a big thank you to parents and pupils for contributing so generously. Thank you to Mrs Mabbott and Mrs Farnsworth for escorting us there and back. 
By Thea & Roman

 Please don't forget to bring all harvest festival donations into school by Friday 20th October. Thank you


This week at Barrow school we have all been working extremely hard - especially in maths. Mrs Mabbott visited each class with Mrs Cox to see how amazing we are at maths. On Wednesday we had a governor and a school advisor who also visited each class, they were really impressed with the standard of work throughout school. On Friday class 2 presented an amazing assembly all about France – we really liked their song about the French flag! Mrs Mabbott gave every class a Head Teacher Award for working so hard in maths and for super behaviour!

By Sophie.P & Roman 

wc 02.10.17

This week has been a very special week as all the classes have been busy during creativity week. Class 5 have been studying Greece and have been dancing, making biscuits and making paper vases. Also class 4 have been making Russian teacakes and they were delicious! This week we also announced the school council Representatives Thea Preedy and Roman Dumon represent year 6 and the year 5 school councillors are Noah Thornton and Stella Philips. In family assemblies Mrs Mabbot has been handing out special awards to all the children that have done something amazing during the week.

By Lexi & Rachel

Wc 18.09.17 

This week we have been studying the classic novel ‘Treasure Island’. Later on in the week we have been preparing for an assembly based on the book.

A football academy came to teach us some skills, they even taught us football maths! We had lots of fun!

In maths we did some algebra, it was a challenge. 

Finally we did some science based on Charles Darwin, and we planned an awesome power point! 

By Manon & Oliver 



In literacy we have been learning about the active and passive voice. We have also begun reading Treasure Island as our class novel and we are writing a letter to persuade the Publisher to keep the   book in print. In Science we have been learning about how animals adapted to their environment, also we have been looking at plants and how they survive in cold and hot environments.

Daisy & Ollie


We are all really excited to be back in school and can’t wait to start lessons properly!

In the playground outside we spent our time getting to know the new receptions. We think they are a great addition to Barrow school! When we went inside, we met the lovely Mrs Mabbott, we think she is a brilliant head teacher and we hope she is settling in very well. After that we were put into places on our tables. It was a bit confusing but we soon got used to it! We have lots of fun in our class because we read funny poems like the Jabberwocky. We have also been doing assessments in literacy and maths. On Friday we tried a Street Dance taster session – they are going to be running a club at Barrow school. The whole class had a lot of fun learning all of the moves!

We have had a really amazing first week at school!

By Charlie and Emily