School Council

School Councils are FOR pupils and LED BY pupils.

Our School Council is made up of fourteen pupils – one boy and one girl from each year.

Our Council Representatives are democratically elected every year, during the first two weeks of the autumn term.

This year, during elections, children canvassed for their peers’ support by giving speeches, displaying leaflets or simply asking others for their support.

Council representatives meet on the last Thursday of every month, to discuss issues and suggestions. After each meeting the representatives report back to their respective classes and to Mrs Marchi, items discussed in the meeting and decisions made.

EVERY PUPIL in the school can suggest issues to be discussed at school council meetings.

Activities that the school council has organized or taken part in, include various charity events such as wearing something red for Comic Relief which raised £263.32, "Friday Tryday" an unusual fruit tasting activity and the ‘Barrow’s Got Talent’ Show.

School Council pupils this year were given the opportunity to interview the Mayor & Mayoress of Clitheroe using a selection of questions written by pupils from each school year.

School Council magazine

Please click here to read the first "Barrow-Super School News" that has been written by the pupils of Barrow Primary School and created by the School Council members.