Summer term is here!

As usual, there is a lot to look forward to in class 5, including writing stories from other cultures and creating performance poetry in literacy, designing and making clay containers in art / D.T, classifying critters in science (including some mouldy investigations!) and even becoming programmers in computing! We will also begin our swimming lessons at Edisford pool, which the children are very excited about.
The summer term brings lots of fun school events as well, such as Sports Day, our class trip and the end of year production, so please keep coming back to check our page for information and more lovely photos of the children!

Don’t forget, our P.E days are Tuesday and Friday and our library day is Wednesday.

Please keep coming back to have a look at photos of all the amazing activities the children get up to, as we love to share all of our fun and learning with you all!  




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Library Day - Class 5's library day is Wednesday.

Year 6 in their Leavers Hoodies!

We designed our own games and added an electric circuit

Sports relief

World book day

Barrow school pupils dressed in spots today, for Children in Need. We each donated £1 to raise money for children who are less fortunate than us. We also had a lot of fun designing and making our own Pudsey-themed t'shirts!

Finlay represented the school at a recent Biathlon at Accrington Academy and came third in his heat of Y5 and Y6 children, here he is with his medal. We are very proud of his achievement.

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Class 5 streetdance taster session

Shelters – DT
Pupils have enjoyed carrying out investigations and exploring the structure of different shelters from all around the world. They draw preliminary sketches and then practised attaching a variety of different materials together before modifying their original designs. Pupils really had fun designing and making their shelters and hope you enjoy looking at our photo gallery.

Class 5 learning cheer leading skills

Class 5's assembly where they performed "Don't stop believing"

Red Nose Day in class 5!

Creativity Week
The children have enjoyed exploring physical and chemical changes. They have made foaming monsters, coloured putty and designed and made their own coconut bonbons. They were delicious. Please enjoy looking at our photo gallery.

D & T – Musical Instruments

The children have investigated a variety of musical instruments from all around the world. They have looked at how they are structured, how they make sound and what materials they are made from. They went on to design and make their own shaker. And will be evaluating the effectiveness of their design, as well as how robust their finished product is. Please enjoy looking at the photo gallery of the children at work.

Class 5 making slippers

Romeo & Juliet performed by class 5

Class 5's history topic - crime & punishment

Class 5 having fun for Children In Need

Class 5 in their Halloween outfits!

The stars of the Dracula Rock Show

Class 5's summer trip to Sealife

First glimpses of Robinwood

Archery at Robinwood

Canoeing & the zip wire at Robinwood - everyone is having a great time 23.6.16

Stream walking (or splashing!) at Robinwood - 23.6.16

Crate building activity and the caving screen at Robinwood - 23.6.16

Phew... The forest group survived the piranha pool!!! - 23.6.16

Tackling the climbing wall - 23.6.16

After tea activities - non stop action at Robinwood! - 23.6.16

Cycling Proficiency
The year 6s have been taking part in cycling proficiency and have enjoyed learning all about road safety. They have had a great time. We hope you enjoy looking at our action packed pictures.


The pupils have been designing and making their own clay pots. They carried out research about Clarice Cliff and based their own work on her designs. Pupils thought carefully about colour schemes and a variety of geometrical shapes they could include in their own work. They have enjoyed this art unit and have produced some excellent work We hope you enjoy viewing the gallery of photographs taken while work was in progress.

Creativity Week – Artists
The children in Class 5 have enjoyed learning about Banksy.  We have explored the use of images to send a political message and debated whether Banksy’s work is art or graffiti.  After group discussions and a reflection on what the children felt passionate about we began to create a collection of images in the style of Banksy.  Using stencils and blow paints they layered images to complete the effect.  Everyone particularly enjoyed practising their new skills on our indoor graffiti wall.

RE – Christianity
In our RE lessons we have used drama to consider the feelings of people within a story from the New Testament.  We thought about forgiveness and explored what sometimes makes forgiving someone so hard to do. Thinking about Easter, the children examined how Christians believe forgiveness was shown throughout the Easter story.  The children then examined their own feelings during a time when they have both asked for forgiveness for something they have done or possibly forgiven someone else.

Computing – Interface Designers
We have had a wonderful time during our computing lessons, thinking about how software applications work and the reason for screen layouts.  We have designed and problem solved our own app interface designs, using wireframes and even creating a screencast to explain the inclusive and user friendly nature of our design.  Here are some examples of the finished product.

DT – Controllable Vehicles
We have ended this half term bringing together our science knowledge of circuitry, DT skills and our love of toys.  The children thought carefully about what design aspects make toy cars travel quickly.  We considered, aerodynamics, power sources, and overall design when making our own controllable vehicles.  Ending the term with our Wacky Races was fabulous and we are now amazing racing car designers!!

The pupils have been learning about the epic poem - Ramayana. This is the story of Rama and Sita and their struggle against the evil ten headed demon Ravana. The poem is an important sacred text for Hindus as Prince Rama and Princess Sita are considered to be perfect role models; they possess qualities, such as bravery, loyalty and demonstrate complete devotion to God when confronted with evil. The pupils have written play scripts depicting events in the poem and have made puppets of the characters in readiness for their own performance. Here are some pictures of class 5 pupils at work

Class 5's displays - "A Sense of Place"

ART UNIT – Headgear
The children have enjoyed learning about headdresses from other places around the world. They thought about social, cultural and religious aspects and historical significance when carrying out their investigations. They made preliminary sketches before designing and making their own headgear. Their designs ranged from American baseball caps, sombreros through to Formula 1 and Spartan war helmets. The children have really enjoyed this project and hope that you enjoy looking at the photographs of their artwork.

World Book Day in Class 5

The wonderful displays in class 5!

Class 5 tapestries