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We are proud of the school’s many achievements, which have been the result of hard work by a very professional team of staff, and an equally determined and enthusiastic group of children.

In our recent Ofsted inspection (May 2013), we were again rated as an outstanding school. We are delighted with our continued outstanding status but we are always looking for ways to make this school even better, whether it is from the curriculum or pastoral perspective or even the actual design of the building and school grounds themselves.

Working with parents is an essential prerequisite to helping us achieve this ambition as we believe that good strong partnerships, coupled with quality teaching and learning and high expectations at all times, will undoubtedly help pupils keep safe, realise their full potentials, lead to higher levels of attainment, promote good citizenship and prepare pupils well for their secondary education. This website hopefully reflects that philosophy and commitment.

Please read the school's statement Promoting British Values, which reflects our continued commitment to keep children safe from radicalisation, extremism and online threats.




 wc 14.11.16
This week we have been learning about crime and punishment in history. First we learnt about the Romans, then moved on in time to the Anglo-Saxons period and then to the Tudors. In the Anglo-Saxons period we had a debate and decided that Anglo-Saxon punishments were better than modern day.
On Friday it was Children in Need and we dressed up in spots; in the afternoon we had a blindfold Pudsey challenge, it was great fun, as well we drew Pudsey as an alien or a robot. Lots of money was raised!
By Nieve & Freya 


 wc 24.10.16
We started with literacy which was about learning to use literature devices in poems e.g. alliteration, simile, metaphor etc. In maths we studied about fractions and negative numbers. After lunch we practised our stitching e.g. running stitch, cross stitch, back stitch etc. This was preparation for our tapestries. Then for the rest of the week we sewed pictures into our piece of hessian. Then for the rest of the week in maths we revised dividing and multiplying fractions as well as comparing fractions, and we learned more about negative numbers. In literacy for the rest of the week we planned and edited our poems. We wrote it out as a full copy then we typed it up on the computer.
By Vivan & Ewan   


 wc 10.10.16
This week in literacy we have been continuing our Romeo and Juliet theme and have begun to write a playscript which we will edit and improve. Our best copies will be used for a display in our classroom. We also designed the cover of our Christmas cards which will be heading off to the printers. 
A lady from RVBC is coming into class 5 to talk about environmental issues.
By Tallulah & Benjamin 


 wc 3.10.16 - Creativity week
This week we have been doing drama. We have been focusing on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. On Monday, we had fun reading a comic strip and started to understand the fascinating story, and watched a Disney animation of the play. On Tuesday, we read the prologue and found out the key information, and analysed the text, understanding the Shakespearian language. The rest of the week was taken up by doing drama, based around different scenes of the play, we also filmed the different scenes using Class Act.
Ssshhh! Don’t tell anyone that Class 5 will be performing the different scenes in our next family assembly.
By Lucie & Freya


 WC 26.09.16 

This week in literacy we have been writing a story about an adventure, the class have thought of lots of brilliant ideas. In the afternoons we have been delving deep into the Islamic religion and have started an information text about Hajj. We have just finished our science which was about light and how it shines. We can’t wait for creativity week next week, all of the class are ready to get creative!
By Nieve & Tom 


 Below is the Year 6 leaver's video -

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