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We are proud of the school’s many achievements, which have been the result of hard work by a very professional team of staff, and an equally determined and enthusiastic group of children.

In our most recent Ofsted inspection (May 2013), we were again rated as an outstanding school. We are delighted with our continued outstanding status but we are always looking for ways to make this school even better, whether it is from the curriculum or pastoral perspective or even the actual design of the building and school grounds themselves.

Working with parents is an essential prerequisite to helping us achieve this ambition as we believe that good strong partnerships, coupled with quality teaching and learning and high expectations at all times, will undoubtedly help pupils keep safe, realise their full potentials, lead to higher levels of attainment, promote good citizenship and prepare pupils well for their secondary education. This website hopefully reflects that philosophy and commitment. Please click here to read our schools aims & values.

Please read the school's statement Promoting British Values, which reflects our continued commitment to keep children safe from radicalisation, extremism and online threats.




 Wc 27.03.17
This week we have been writing a persuasive letter to a famous person.
Last week and this week a group of year 5’s have been training to replace the year 6 buddy’s ready for next year and we are waiting to see who has earnt a place, a difficult decision for Mrs Pamphlet as she has said that they were all great!!  
In RE we learnt and discussed the Easter story and forgiveness.
We are also looking forward to our Easter egg hunt and our long Easter holiday.
We hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday. See you in the summer term!!
By Jasmine Tierney & Benjamin Clarke


Wc 20.3.17

This week, in music we have been learning the rock song ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey. We will be performing this in our family assembly where we will be singing in groups. On Friday it has been really fun because it was Red Nose Day. In the morning we designed are our own red noses, using wire to make the noses pop out. In the afternoon we played games involving a ball. We had lots of fun this week and are looking forward to what we are doing next week!
By Freya & Jessica 


 Wc 13.3.17
This week we have been doing practice tests for our sats, we have all worked extremely hard. We have also been planning our draft on deforestation. In the afternoon, in geography, we have been finding out about the Amazon Basin and finding similarities and differences. Mrs Halstead gave us  our results for our practice test and we are all pleased with them. We were allowed extra playtime.
By Tallulah & Alex 


 Wc 06.03.17
This week has been Creativity week, we have been doing all sorts of fun activities such as: Foaming Monsters ( where a bottle was exploding with an abundance of chemicals included); then on Tuesday Mad Science came in for a visit and taught us how to make chunks of slime and told us if it were a chemical change or not; on Wednesday we made our own coconut bonbons which mixed to make a creamy coconut ball- we also added condensed milk with it. On Friday, we designed our very own friction rockets to take home. We cut out a rocket shape and stuck a coin to the bottom to add weight. Then we cut out two small straws and taped it on. Next, we put a long piece of string through the straw, then we hooked it onto a window/door handle. After that, we pulled the string towards the sides and the rocket flew up. Subsequently, we have learnt that friction causes objects to move how we want them to move.
By Rayhan & Abbas 


 WC 27.02.17
This week we have been designing our own musical instruments.
Then, in our sketch books we created our own designs and thought what we could add on to it to make it to absolute precision. We began by blowing the balloon up and then we tore chunks of newspaper that we had brought from home, in order to make little tiny pieces so we could stick them onto our balloons to make a papier-mache shell. The next day, we used flexible metal wires to make a steady, strong handle. 
By Rayhan & Thomas 


 Wc 20.2.16
This week we started writing our speeches for the Balloon Debate. We rehearsed our speeches so we would know what to write on our prompt cards, Mrs Halstead asked some pupils to read their speeches out to the class and she said they were amazing. For our Geography topic we had to research about an animal, plant or insect in the Amazon Basin. This was great fun because some children hadn’t previously heard about the animals that they had researched so everybody found out about a new animal.



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